Decorative Concrete Solutions for Inside and Out

Decorative Concrete Solutions San DiegoThe world is continuously evolving, and technology is on the rise. That also applies to concrete as researchers are finding new creative ways to use this material efficiently. That makes a healthier, more attractive surface, which is more cost-efficient as well. There are many developments in this field; here at San Diego Concrete, we excel in colored Concrete San Diego. Here are some of the newest technologies that have taken over the world of concrete, making the job of contractors easier: 

Spray Coating

That is one of the newest ways to apply concrete to any material. That revives dirty, stained, or even discolored concrete surfaces to have a new layer on the top. Before this technology, time-consuming methods were in practice that required constant brushing, squeegee, and sponging of the coated surface. That is not the case anymore with the advent of spray coating. You can do this at a fraction of the cost compared to the older techniques. 

Acid Staining

One of the most common concerns of people regarding concrete is its appearance and the non-aesthetic look. It also cannot soak up stains from various oils, paint, and other contaminants. But there has been development in this industry as well. One of the most recent used methods nowadays is applying acid staining coating on the material’s surface. That is similar to the wax coating used on wooden floors. That changes the appearance of the concrete body through the chemical reaction with the components and the concrete. That provides a beautiful appearance without the problems that people usually face with traditional methods. 

Stamped concrete 

This practice is reasonably old and involves stamping various types of patterns onto concrete. But there has also been advancement in this field, allowing creative decorations to be printed onto the concrete more efficiently. Numerous varieties exist, like different materials and textures, like stones, bricks, seashells. In addition to all this, there are various pigments you can add that will give the surface that will allow the body to take up the given object’s shape. 

Here at San Diego Concrete, we excel in any concrete work that you require. We can also provide you with Colored Concrete San Diego. We have been in business for many years, and we highly recommend that you give us a try to deliver high results. You can provide us with information on the type of job you want, and we’ll give you a free quote on it right away. Call us now at (619) 383-2500. You can discuss your needs with us, and we will provide you with the best-recommended solution. We are available 24/7, for emergencies too.

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