How Is Concrete Made, And What Are the Common Concrete Variants Used for Construction?

What Are the Common Concrete Variants Used for Construction San DiegoIntroduction To Concrete

Concrete is virtually used for almost all kinds of construction work. Concrete has a high range of applications, primarily because of its properties that can be customized according to the needs of the building. Concrete work in San Diego is evident, and it highlights how long concrete has been a part of the construction industry.

Essential Concrete Ingredients

A mixture of cement (generally Portland cement), gravel, sand, and water makes concrete. Every single concrete work across the states uses the same ingredients, with minor changes in cement variants according to the concrete variants. 

Ration in which these ingredients are mixed is the secret to the widespread customizability of concrete. All four components are used in different ratios to get the desired properties of concrete. 

Out of these 4, the water and cement ratio is the most important one; this can make or break the concrete mixture. If a fragile concrete mix is desired, then more water is added as compared to cement.

The main contributions of the four ingredients are:


This is the primary ingredient of the concrete mix. Different types of construction work need different types of cement. However, the most used variant is Portland cement.


This is used to increase the internal strength of the concrete mixture. If the concrete is used only with water and cement without gravel, it will not support bulky loads and can damage easily, causing cracks on the surface.


Sand is used to filling the holes between the gravel particles. The presence of air pockets is undesirable when mixing concrete, and sand is used to prevent it. It also smoothens the concrete mix.


This is an essential ingredient used to mix all the other three components. It lends concrete its workability, and the amount of water determines how weak or strong the concrete mixture is.

In terms of volume, gravel and sand typically take nearly 70%, while cement and water make up the other 30% of the concrete mixture. It is essential to use similarly sized gravel particles for identical application and smooth workflow. 

Only fine sand is used in the concrete mix. In the case of the water-cement mix, various tests are performed on-site by construction workers to determine the stability and strength of the concrete mix.

Types Of Concrete Mix

While there are many types of concrete mixes, this classification is used based on the area of application of concrete.

  • Type 1: It is mainly used for building residential homes, foundations, and sidewalks.
  • Type 2: It is used in conditions where the concrete is prone to sulfate exposure.
  • Type 3: It is used for cold conditions.
  • Type 4: It is used for customized constructions in industries.
  • Type 5: it offers high resistance to sulfate conditions, more than Type 2

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