New Trends For Decorative Concrete Solutions San Diego


Most people mistake concrete for a dull greyish substance used for things like sidewalks and bridges. However, the reality is that due to innovations, things are looking way too suitable for concrete as it can do much more than it used to. People are using Decorative Concrete San Diego for so many purposes. Here are some of the recent developments with concrete and how people are using it for decorative purposes.

Metallic Concrete

People nowadays are converting to concrete as the main item to be used at home. Metallic concrete is widely used instead of steel, copper, or brass, and they do not include those materials at all. Concrete is mixed with pigments that look exactly alike but do not contain them. They are also more cost-effective, and people get to spend more on decorative features at their homes/offices.

Glow In The Dark Concrete

You may find this one surprising, but this type of product exists. Builders nowadays are using a harmless photo-luminescent surface with concrete to provide light-emitting surfaces. This concrete glows elegantly, even in perfect darkness. This technique is used in the making of hallways, walkways, stairs, kitchen counters. This development in concrete is one of the best results of the era regarding concrete.

Mixed Materials

Concrete is not only one of the best surface building materials, but it also provides a striking contrast when combined with brick or stone. The different textures due to various materials provide an eye-catching result that is bold and beautiful.

“Soft” Concrete

That is one of the parts where you will find yourself surprised just by looking at the text. Yes, that is correct; soft concrete exists as well. Many developers are using concrete in combination with plaster and various other materials. The overall result is highly relaxing and natural.

Curved Concrete

That is also one of the newest development in concrete. Curved concrete is used on roads, sidewalks, and various other places. Designers use this material to provide elegant geometric designs such as making circles and flowing s-shaped concrete.

Disguised Concrete

Many people prefer the look of stone, wood, marble, brick, and various other items. That is also possible by using concrete, and it also adds additional strength for concrete. They provide the same appearance at a better cost.

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