Stamped Concrete Driveways San DiegoOne of the many great things about San Diego is that most people are up to any task they encounter. It usually yields excellent results, but when it comes to Stamped Concrete San Diego, we recommend you to leave this job to the professionals. Here are some reasons why you should leave it to the experts. 

The intensity of the work: 

The work is callous and will consume a lot of time. The asphalt driveway will get worn out before any replacement work is completed. Wet concrete usually weighs around 150 pounds per cubic foot. You will have to carry all this by yourself by placing it with a shovel and wheelbarrow. After this, you will have to mix all this, and that will take weeks. The alternative is having a truckload delivered and the point to note here is they will charge for any additional minute they spend with you. Since these companies drop the stuff off and leave, any extra minute will cost you huge money.  

Extensive Preparation: 

Working on a stamped concrete requires enormous dedication and takes extensive preparation. You will have to dig the space to several inches to get filled with various layers of gravel and sand. You will also have to make sure that you make it to the correct level before pouring any concrete. There’s also the requirement of building the forms for concrete to dry out. That may look easy on paper but requires excellent technical skills and a good grasp of engineering concepts such as slopes and elevations. 

Addition of Special Features: 

The addition of various add-ons, such as stamping and color, makes it even more complicated. These can cost you thousands of dollars alone for the stamping equipment. Even renting will cost you a lot of money. You can get all this done at a lower cost by hiring a contractor instead. The other thing to note here is that if you make even a small error while creating the textures, there is no turning back. 

No Margin for Error: 

There is no room for error in such a type of work. A stamped driveway gone wrong can be a big disaster. You either have to live it with the mistake, or you would have to start from scratch.

Here at San Diego Concrete, we take pride in our work and have years of experience in Stamped Concrete San Diego. We can visit your home to understand your requirements and can provide you with a quote right away. You can call us directly at (619) 383-2500, and we will assist you with your needs. We are available 24/7 for all types of emergencies.

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