3 Cleaning And Sealing Concrete Patios And Driveways Tips In San Diego

3 Cleaning And Sealing Concrete Patios And Driveways Tips In San DiegoThe lifespan of your work depends on maintaining a clean, sealed concrete driveway or patio. The amount of activity your driveway or patio receives and the weather drastically influence how frequently you should clean and seal your concrete projects. 

You’ll be surprised to see how much concrete has altered over time if you glance around your area. Your patio or driveway used to be merely slabs of grey concrete with no other color. As a result, homeowners didn’t care to maintain the cleanliness of their patios and drives. However, it is crucial to keep it clean now that stamped, and colored concrete has been added. 

  • Options For Colored And Stamped Concrete 

We all wish we could ignore the upkeep needed to keep a house in good condition. After all, spending your weekends relaxing in your backyard as opposed to maintaining it by mowing, painting, and other means is far more enjoyable. But one of the great things about concrete is how little upkeep it needs. Actually, all that’s required to maintain it in good condition is the occasional power wash and periodic sealing. 

  • Cleaning Your Concrete Driveway Or Patio 

To keep concrete surfaces in good condition, they should be carefully cleaned once a year. Remove everything from the concrete surface, including your grill, potted plants, and furniture, before you begin your cleaning process. Regardless of the cleaner, you select, it is advisable to test it in an area where no one can see it to make sure it won’t stain or harm your concrete in any other way. 

  • Getting Stains Out 

Over the course of the year, most homeowners are certain to encounter at least a few stains. For instance, your driveway probably has one or two oil spots, and your patio surely has some grease stains from the grill. You can use common household items to produce your own cleaner, or you can shop at your neighborhood home improvement store for solutions designed specifically to remove particular stains off the concrete. 


How Frequently Should Concrete Driveways Be Sealed? 

Plan on resealing every one to three years, say organizations representing the concrete industry.

What Should You Use To Clean Concrete Before Sealing It? 

After deep stains have been eliminated, the residual dirt and surface stains should be easily cleaned with a straightforward pressure washing. Use a pressure washer with a minimum 3000 psi rating and a minimum 4 gallons per minute flow rate. 

If Concrete Is Not Sealed, What Happens? 

What occurs if my concrete isn’t sealed? Because it is porous, concrete easily absorbs liquids. Unsealed concrete surfaces can be damaged by the expansion of frozen liquids in freeze-thaw regimes. Unsealed concrete can become stained and damaged by household chemicals like oil, salt, and fertilizer.


As you can see, maintaining your concrete projects’ beauty and ensuring a long life requires that you keep them clean and sealed. Call San Diego Concrete at (619) 383-2500 to learn more about the services we offer.

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