3 Reasons To Use Concrete Raising Company For Raising Concrete In San Diego

  • 3 Reasons To Use Concrete Raising Company For Raising Concrete In San DiegoA Modest But Reliable Concrete Raising Company 

We just learned that a few other concrete elevating companies in the neighborhood have closed their doors. In our situation, the majority of people might consider this positive. For the community and business in general, competition is always beneficial. When a concrete-raising company closes its doors, we approach the situation slightly differently. 

We are aware that someone is most likely no longer employed. Someone needs to return home and inform their spouse that finances might not be as strong for a spell. It has an impact on people’s lives beyond business. We conduct business quite differently as a result. Since we are a tiny company, our overhead will never be an issue for us.

  • Performing Morally Upright Deeds For Moral Ends 

At San Diego Concrete, we deliberately keep overhead costs to a minimum. This makes it possible for us to run our company and render our service ethically. In cases where a driveway needs to be replaced, we won’t attempt to lift it. When it would be less expensive to replace a step, we won’t tell you that we can lift it. 

  • We Continue Operating 

For former clients of a concrete repair company, business closure might be difficult. Most businesses offer warranties on their work. All of the concrete leveling we do with poly jacking is covered by a two-year guarantee. We will come back and elevate your sidewalk or driveway (or any other concrete slab we raise over ten years old) again for free if it dips over 3/8″ in the subsequent two years. A consumer cannot make use of their guarantee if the foam lifting company they engaged to raise a concrete slab is no longer in operation. 


Can You Elevate Concrete? 

Concrete slabs that are solid can be raised and stabilized. 

What Causes Concrete To Rise? 

Roots are one among the many factors that contribute to rising concrete. Over time, snaking and protruding roots may force up the concrete underneath you. Cracks, misplaced slabs, and other problems can be brought on by roots. Poor soil conditions are another frequent cause of rising concrete. 

Can A Concrete Crack Be Raised? 

Can concrete be raised entirely? No. Too severely broken concrete is typically better off having replaced.


Usually, no one benefits when a concrete lifting business shuts down. We’ve set up our business to succeed going forward! We think that being a small business and doing morally will ensure that we are around for our clients for years to come (and our history has thus far supported this).

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