3 Ways Of Fixing Concrete With Foam In San Diego

3 Ways Of Fixing Concrete With Foam In San DiegoOnce more, it’s that time of year! Time to head back outside now! When you do, you’ll see the grass has grown thicker and greener, the flowers are in bloom, and the trees have blossoming buds that are soon to become leaves. 

Spring has definitely sprung! When that occurs, you make arrangements to sharpen your lawnmower’s blades, locate your wheelbarrow, and choose a weekend to clean up your landscape beds and add mulch to them. You see cracks in your driveway as you drive in and out of the garage. When your driveway is examined more closely, you find that it not only has cracks but also seems to be sinking towards the garage. 

  • Foam is a superior option for raising your concrete driveway, sidewalk, porch, or basement floor for numerous reasons. Fewer holes are required, and smaller ones are required to inject the foam beneath the concrete.
  • The foam expands 7 feet in either direction to completely fill any gaps. The weather has no impact on foam jacking. Polyurethane foam is lighter and won’t sink back down. 
  • Concrete can be lifted with foam jacking in confined spaces. Large machinery is not required to drive on your grass. 

Fix A Cracked Driveway 

Untreated road cracks will necessitate more costly repairs, which may involve replacing the entire driveway. The presence of cracks on the driveway can indicate a hole. Mud jacking foam can be used to fix driveway cracks. Make sure the provider is using foam specifically developed for lifting concrete when selecting a foam lifting contractor (and not home insulation). Inspectors will find minor problems like cracks in your driveway if you are selling your house. Don’t let a few cracks ruin your sale because you assumed they weren’t a huge deal. 


Why Use Foam On Concrete?

Foam concrete is fire resistant and has excellent thermal and acoustical insulation qualities, making it perfect for filling voids as well as insulating floors and roofs. Additionally, it is quite helpful for trench reinstatement. Bridge approaches and embankments are only a few uses for foam concrete. 

Can Spray Foam Be Used To Lift Concrete? 

Concrete may be easily leveled with polyurethane foam. The foam moves and expands as it is injected beneath the concrete. Under the concrete slab, the foam covers any gaps, crevices, and holes as it expands. The foam starts to elevate the sinking concrete after the spaces are filled. 

What Sort Of Foam Is Employed In The Leveling Of Concrete? 

Concrete can be lifted and leveled with polyurethane foam, saving you money by avoiding the need to repair the concrete.


Concrete may be lifted and repaired with foam, and once it is lifted with foam, it stays lifted forever. So give the experts of San Diego Concrete a call at (619) 383-2500 right away!

Give our professionals at San Diego Concrete a call at (619) 383-2500 right away to know more about our excellent concrete services in San Diego, CA.