Acid Staining Concrete Not Just For Interior Floors In San Diego

Acid Staining Concrete Not Just For Interior Floors In San DiegoThe real beauty of staining concrete is that you can create something very unique in color and design with the right artist. Acid stains have been around for decades, but they had only become popular in the last few years when people realized how good they looked on outdoor slabs. Patios are becoming a showplace for homeowners to showcase their creativity.

Acid staining concrete is not just limited to patios either. Concrete entryways, interior floors, even pillars are being acid stained today. The sky is really the limit when it comes to color selections and decorative effects using acid stains on concrete surfaces. Because of the natural graying process occurring naturally in concrete over time, many colors will work well indoors, including blues, greens, lavenders, reds, and oranges.

Outdoors you can get more creative with color choices because the natural graying of the cement won’t conflict with some of your crazy designs.

A popular technique is to combine multiple colors in a one-of-a-kind acid-stained concrete application.

Stained Concrete Vs Stamped Concrete

There are many different types of applications you can do with stained concrete. Probably the most popular two are stamped and stained concrete. They both have their own unique look and feel to them, so how do you choose?

Stamped concrete is a process where a concrete slab is first poured, and then patterns are pressed into the surface while it’s still wet. This leaves behind an imprint that looks like stone or brick. Stamped concrete is a great option if you want the look of natural stone but don’t want to spend the extra money on it. It’s also very durable and resistant to staining.

On the other hand, stained concrete is just that—concrete that has been stained with acid. This leaves the surface completely smooth without any imprints or patterns. Stain can be used to achieve a number of different colors and designs you just won’t get with stamped concrete. The biggest downside to stained concrete is it’s a soft material that scratches easily. It also stains very easily, so it needs to be maintained regularly if you have to have a longer-lasting application.

If you’re going for a natural stone look, then we would recommend stamped concrete because it is more affordable and has tons of designs and add-ons available for it. If you want something extremely unique, acid-stained concrete might be your best bet because there are limitless color combinations you can do using stain.


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