Adding a Bathroom? Insights for San Diego Concrete Cutting

Adding a Bathroom? Insights for San Diego Concrete CuttingAdding a second bathroom to your house is a wise decision. However, if your home is built on a concrete slab foundation, you will most likely want San Diego concrete cutting services. Determine whether your home is constructed on a slab foundation before starting any repair. This may have an impact on your new bathroom’s design and building requirements.

Concrete slab foundations are the most common type of foundation found in San Diego. Old houses, homes built between 1960 and 1980, and homes with newer additions or remodels usually have concrete slabs. Most attics that were enclosed into a full upstairs bathroom will be on a concrete slab.

#1: The Shipping Container Home

It is also recommended to contact your utility companies about any construction plans you have before cutting into existing lines. Most wires and pipes run through floors rather than under them – an essential detail for excavating new space. Utility computations are required by city ordinance to ensure that all services fit before having any construction work begin onsite, regardless if it’s your first bathroom addition or not.

#2: The “I Can’t Believe It’s a Bedroom.”

If you do have a concrete slab, confirm that the electrical and water lines are under the slab before adding new square footage to your home. These lines can be run through or above slabs but should not be cut into unless necessary for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC needs. 

Utility computations will need to be completed by an engineer before any construction work is done if new addition plans involve concrete cutting of existing services. This way, all utilities in the home can be confirmed, and any potential problems will be avoided during your new project.

#3: The Hipster’s Dream

Contrary to what most homeowners think, it is possible to add a bathroom on a concrete slab foundation, but that does not mean you should just start cutting into existing lines before planning. Instead of digging up concrete slabs for remodeling projects, several options are less invasive and much more cost-effective if your plumbing or electrical work needs updating. An example is a preformed “sandwich” style wall which can hold both plumbing and wiring within its exterior layer so that no space is wasted when building out an addition.


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