5 Reasons Concrete Is Better Than Asphalt In San Diego

5 Reasons Concrete Is Better Than Asphalt In San DiegoAsphalt can crack and eventually crumble, while concrete is a strong material that lasts years.

Over time, asphalt becomes soft in hot weather or freezes when temperatures drop below freezing. Concrete doesn’t have this problem because it maintains its strength regardless of the weather conditions. It’s best to keep asphalt surfaces sealed with concrete sealant every two years, so you get as many years out of your driveway as possible before you need to replace it entirely.

Concrete dries quickly compared to asphalt, which means you don’t need to wait for several days until the surface is dry enough for the traffic. A wet surface is highly slippery and dangerous for pedestrians who use wheelchairs or walkers to navigate their way around the house.

  1. Concrete Is Lighter Than Asphalt

Concrete weighs around half the weight of asphalt. This makes it easier to handle and install on any job, which saves you money in labour costs.

  1. Less Expensive To Install

Brick Pavers are less expensive to buy than asphalt pavers, and they last a lot longer, making them a more cost-effective solution for driveway construction projects or home renovations. Plus, concrete pavers can be installed by almost anyone, as opposed to other paving materials that may require a professional paver installer if not done correctly.

  1. Concrete Pavers Are Easier To Maintain

Concrete pavers are more durable than other paving materials and last a lot longer, but they also require less maintenance. They do not need to be resealed as frequently or replaced as asphalt does once it starts fading due to the elements. Asphalt is very porous and will start crumbling with time, leaving gaps in your driveway that allow water to seep through.

  1. Concrete Looks Better Than Asphalt

While many people choose concrete for its durability, others select concrete because of how it looks when compared to asphalt. Unlike asphalt, which fades over time and can start chipping off, concrete holds its colour and doesn’t change appearance over time without proper care or maintenance.

  1. Concrete Is Greener Than Asphalt

Concrete contains no toxic chemicals that can seep into the groundwater, unlike asphalt, which requires formaldehyde to maintain its strength, as well as sealants containing petroleum-based materials and ingredients like benzene. While concrete does require a certain amount of water during the curing process, this water will not harm your local watershed or nearby freshwater bodies.

Concrete is an ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties because it’s durable enough to withstand heavy traffic while still holding up over time, with little maintenance required once installed. If you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly paving solution, then why not consider converting your existing driveway to concrete pavers?


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