Why A Concrete Countertop Is Better Than One Made From Granite In San Diego

Concrete Countertop Better Than Granite In San DiegoCountertops may have crossed your mind if you’re having a house built or planning a remodeling project. You may not have considered concrete as a countertop choice, despite the fact that it is one of the most popular. 

People frequently associate concrete with outside areas such as driveways and pool decks. When it comes to new countertops, most people think of granite. Concrete, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. Concrete is a long-lasting and cost-effective material that is utilized in and around homes today in a variety of ways. Consider incorporating it into your next countertop makeover. Some of the reasons why it can be a wonderful alternative to regular granite worktops are listed below. 


Concrete has numerous advantages that make it an excellent choice for countertops, particularly in kitchens. Concrete countertops are resistant to stains and heat. Imagine not having to be concerned about food ruining your new countertops or unintentionally setting a hot pot or pan on them. The same may be said for bathroom concrete countertops – no more worries about staining cosmetics or heated styling products that are used on a daily basis. 


We offer two types of concrete countertops at San Diego Concrete. Choose between a concrete overlay or a cast concrete countertop. A cast concrete countertop is made of cement with internal reinforcements like structural steel, strong fibers, or another substance to keep the slab together. An overlay involves pouring a concrete mixture over your existing tile or laminate counters, which is the more cost-effective of the two options. You won’t have to completely remove your current counters with the overlay option, as you would with a granite countertop installation. 


Concrete is a cost-effective countertop material. It’s possible to make it look like granite or other natural stones. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective design. Whether you choose a cast concrete countertop or a less expensive overlay, you’ll benefit from concrete’s stain and heat resistance. 

While many people dream of granite countertops, concrete is an excellent material that can appear exactly like granite for a fraction of the price. As previously stated, it’s a forgiving material that can be customized to fit any kitchen or bathroom design. You will not be disappointed with the way concrete appears and functions inside your home if you give it a chance. After all, this isn’t your typical concrete. 

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