Concrete Floors In The Style Of A Farmhouse For Indoor And Outdoor Use In San Diego

Concrete Floors In The Style Of A Farmhouse For Indoor And Outdoor Use In San DiegoFarmhouse style flooring isn’t restricted to wood designs, but that’s what most people think of when they hear the term. In fact, the original “farmhouse” wood flooring was wide, thick, rough-sawn planks covering packed dirt floors in Colonial times. The lumber was left raw, without dyes or varnishes, and was ultimately polished and burnished by years of use to get the desired worn effect. 

Farmhouse wood floors highlight the natural beauty of wood, including knots, graining, and color variations, giving your home a natural and warm feel. Farmhouse aesthetics emphasize practicality and simplicity, with a touch to rustic features. 

  • The most classic farmhouse look is achieved by using planks that are five to ten inches wide. 
  • Dents, dings, and rough surfaces in wood are desirable since they contribute to the charm. 
  • Matte finishes and natural-looking muted colors and tones provide a genuine timeworn, comfortable farmhouse vibe. 

A high gloss is suitable with sharp clear lines in furniture and accessories for a less rustic, more sophisticated environment for a more modern farmhouse image. 

Stamped concrete patterns can be used to replicate any wood texture to create authentic appearing wood flooring both inside and out. 

Farmhouse-Style Interior Flooring 

Real wood flooring is only suitable for certain areas, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, mudrooms, and bathrooms, where humidity is a concern. If you desire the look of wood throughout your home, custom stamped concrete may provide you with realistic, long-lasting faux wood flooring in any design. Choose plank width, length, texture level, and stain colors to achieve the look you want. Hand-applied bespoke stains provide overall, a consistent coloration that genuine wood cannot always provide. When our artists can build your personalized style, there’s no need to spend hours searching for the appropriate cool gray tones, warm browns, or dark oak floors. 

If you wish to bring the farmhouse look outside, decorative concrete stamped wood designs can be applied to any concrete surface. To establish the tone for country comfort, build a front porch entryway in a wood pattern that matches your indoor farmhouse floor. Reclaimed wood stamps in strongly textured wide boards can add a casual rustic beauty to patios and walks. Wood additions can be securely installed in the backyard without the hassles of keeping actual wood that is continually exposed to damaging weather and temperatures, such as staining, resealing, and waterproofing. 

We can duplicate any hard-surface flooring style at a fraction of the expense of actual materials using our stained concrete, stamped concrete, polished concrete, and resurfacing technologies. And we’ll do it all in less time, and with less mess, so you can get back to enjoying your floors right away. 

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