The 3 Reasons Most DIY Concrete Patios Fail In San Diego

The 3 Reasons Most DIY Concrete Patios Fail In San DiegoA concrete patio is a great way to add value to your home. It’s the ideal addition to an outdoor party area, a space for family get-togethers, and even a makeshift gym. When done right, it’s also quite affordable and can easily be built in just a weekend, which is why many people choose to handle this job themselves rather than hiring professionals. Unfortunately, there are some things that only the pros know how to do right–and one of them is laying concrete.

Because more and more homeowners are opting for concrete patios instead of expensive wood decks or brick porches, we thought you should know about what happens when DIY projects go wrong: We’ve come across this problem many times before, and we’re here to make sure that you don’t join the list of unhappy owners who’ve poured their hearts into a patio only to have it crumble.

Here are three reasons why DIY concrete patios often end up with disastrous results:

  1. Not Having The Right Tools Can Ruin Your Efforts

Commercial concrete requires commercial tools–which is something that most homeowners (who aren’t construction contractors) might not realize until they start shopping for materials at home improvement stores. Some DIYers succeed in bringing these tools from other jobs or borrow them from fellow workers, but then again, others just give up on their dreams rather than bothering to purchase or rent the required items, and so they leave you with a broken patio.

The best plan of action is to look into what tools you’ll need before you begin, and then check out our blog for important tips on how to use them well: It’s worth it!

  1. Not Understanding How Concrete Works Will Ruin Your Efforts

Yes, this product is not super complicated or difficult to understand, but it can be if you don’t take the right steps when pouring it. You have to pour just the right amount so that each layer juts out just enough (less than 1/8″ at all times) from the previous one. 

Otherwise, cracks may appear down the line after your job has dried up completely. These cracks are both unsightly and dangerous safety hazards, so it’s important to lay down your concrete carefully.

  1. Having A Helper Who Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing Will Ruin Your Efforts

Don’t get us wrong; just having one extra person on the job can make all the difference when you’re getting started with DIY concrete. However, if that person isn’t as experienced and handy as you hoped he would be, then you’re going to run into any problems along the way. You should always compare your resources before starting a project like this one: Doing so will save both of you from headaches later on.


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