How To Fix Cracks In The Concrete Driveway In San Diego

How To Fix Cracks In The Concrete Driveway In San DiegoThe ASPCA estimates that 35 percent of families have cats, and 44 percent of households have dogs. Those are the creatures that people prefer to have near them. Most people dislike other animals, including skunks, snakes, raccoons, possums, and ground squirrels. These wild animals can live under a house, deck, or driveway and cause issues if they do so. 

For instance, any of the aforementioned creatures may reside in a concrete driveway with a clear emptiness. Skunks may find it to be a good home, but spaces under concrete that get unfilled may grow worse as the driveway develops cracks. Concrete that has developed cracks is beginning to deteriorate and sink around the gap. Before the concrete is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced, only time will tell. Having Concrete Raising Systems fill the hole is a far less expensive option. 

Driveway Voids Under Concrete: Catching Animals 

The snake or woodchuck must be removed from the void before any attempt is made to repair the exposed emptiness. It could be challenging for a homeowner to remove the animal oneself, depending on the animal. If you try to do that, you risk getting bitten, getting sprayed, or not getting the animal. If a homeowner decides against trying to capture a wild animal that is hiding under their driveway, they can instead get in touch with a nearby wildlife pest control company. 

Animals don’t always live in open driveway voids. Get in touch with us for a quote if you have a void. Please note that the Polyurethane material must be covered with fill earth or landscaping after the void has been filled. To cover the exposed foam, we advise customers to keep a bag or two of dirt available. Sunlight’s UV radiation can gradually erode the polyurethane’s structural integrity. 


How Are Concrete Driveway Cracks Fixed? 

  • Putting New Surface on a Concrete Driveway 
  • Debris removal A crack that is smaller than a quarter-inch is a good candidate for straightforward resurfacing. 
  • Driveway cleaning Use a pressure washer to wet down the driveway. 
  • Combine water with concrete. 
  • Fill the cracks and allow them to dry. 
  • Surface again. 
  • Avoid slipping. 

What Is The Most Effective Method For Fixing Concrete Cracks?

The concrete patching compound works well for filling and sealing large cracks in concrete. Concrete caulk or liquid filler can be used to patch up smaller cracks that are less than 1/4 inch wide. Patching materials are normally applied with a trowel after being diluted with water. 

Which Substance Works Best To Repair Cracks In A A Concrete Driveway? 

The most popular materials used to seal cracks in concrete caulk and crack sealants. They are available in squeeze tubes, and a caulking gun can be used to apply them directly into the crack. Both effectively keep out water and insects.


Call a pest control firm, then call San Diego Concrete if you are unable to remove an unwanted animal from your driveway void on your own. Modern polyurethane foam will be used to fill that space. This will shield your driveway from structural damage and stop snakes, woodchucks, skunks, or raccoons from making it their home in the future. Yes, we agree that they are adorable. Simply put, having a home beneath your driveway is not cute.

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