How To Repair Cracks In The Driveway In San Diego?

How To Repair Cracks In The Driveway In San DiegoThe ASPCA says that about 35% of homes have cats and that about 44% of homes have dogs. These are the kinds of animals that people like to have around. Most people don’t like other animals, like skunks, snakes, raccoons, possums, and ground squirrels. These wild animals can live under a house, a deck, or a driveway, which can cause problems. 

For example, any of the above animals could live in a concrete driveway that is clear and empty. Skunks might like it as a home, but if there are gaps under the concrete that aren’t filled, they might get bigger as the driveway cracks. Cracked concrete is starting to break down and sink in the area around the crack. Time will tell how much damage the concrete can take before it can’t be fixed and needs to be replaced. It would cost much less to have Concrete Raising Systems fill the hole. 

Animals Caught In Driveway Voids Under Concrete 

Before trying to fix the hole, the snake or woodchuck must be taken out. Depending on the animal, it might be hard for a homeowner to get rid of it on their own. If you try to do this, you might get bitten, sprayed, or miss the animal. If a homeowner doesn’t want to try to catch a wild animal hiding under their driveway, they can call a wildlife pest control company instead. 

Animals don’t always live in empty spaces between driveways. If you have a void, get in touch with us to get a quote. After the void has been filled, the Polyurethane material must be covered with fill earth or landscaping. We tell customers to keep a bag or two of dirt on hand so that they can cover the exposed foam. UV rays from the sun can slowly break down the polyurethane’s structure. 


How Do You Fix Cracks In A Concrete Drive? 

Putting a new layer of concrete on a driveway Getting rid of trash A simple repair can be done on a crack that is less than a quarter of an inch long. 

  • Cleaning the driveway Wet down the driveway with a power washer. 
  • Mix water and concrete together. 
  • Fill in the holes and give them time to dry. 
  • Come up again. 
  • Avoid slipping. 

What’s The Most Effective Way To Fix Cracks In Concrete? 

Filling and sealing large cracks in concrete is easy with the concrete patching compound. Small cracks that are less than 1/4 inch wide can be fixed with caulk or a liquid filler. Most patching materials are spread with a trowel after they have been mixed with water. 

What Is The Best Thing To Use To Fix Cracks In A Concrete Driveway? 

Most of the time, caulk and crack sealants are used to seal cracks in concrete. They come in tubes that you squeeze, and you can use a caulking gun to put them right into the crack. Both work well to keep water and bugs out. 

If you can’t get an animal out of your driveway void on your own, call a pest control company first, then call San Diego Concrete. This space will be filled with modern polyurethane foam. This will keep snakes, woodchucks, skunks, or raccoons from making your driveway their home in the future and prevent structural damage to your driveway. Yes, we do think they are cute. Plain and simple, it’s not cute to have a house under your driveway.


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