Recipe To Keeping Weeds From Overtaking Concrete Pavers In San Diego

Recipe To Keeping Weeds From Overtaking Concrete Pavers In San DiegoYou may be having trouble keeping weeds from sprouting up and destroying the appearance of your home if you have concrete pavers for your patio, separated parts in your sidewalk, or any other split concrete. While you can spray weed killer on them or power wash them away, neither approach will survive the season or be successful. You can keep weeds at bay by sealing up the joints in your concrete with polymeric sand. Here’s everything you’ll need and how to get started: 


  • Screwdriver with a flathead 
  • Leaf blower with polymeric sand Cup Broom 
  • Sprayer for the garden 
  • Bottle for spraying 
  • Dishwashing soap with white vinegar 

Step 1: Get Rid Of The Weeds 

Combine white vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap in a spray bottle to make the vinegar stick to the weeds for long enough to kill them. To get the best results, spray the weeds during peak hours of severe heat and sunlight, when the weeds are most likely to absorb the vinegar. 

Step 2: Get Rid Of The Weeds 

You have the option of waiting until the next day to dig up the dead weeds or digging them up while they are still alive. Before you can seal your concrete joints, ensure all of the weeds have been removed. You may pull them out with your hands or a flathead screwdriver. 

Fill Joints With Sand In Step 3 

Pour sand into the concrete joints with a cup. With your broom, sweep the sand all the way into the joints. Use a leaf blower to blow away the extra sand to prevent it from coloring your concrete. 

Mist The Polymeric Sand 

Begin spraying the concrete joints with a garden sprayer once you’re confident the only sand left is in the joints and not on the surface. 3 to 4 water applications should be applied to the sand. There are two things to bear in mind while you go through this process. 

One: Stay away from puddling. Two, don’t let the sand sit for more than 3 minutes between waterings. Do little parts at a time to avoid having the sand lie for too long. Allow your patio to sit for 24 hours once you’ve finished spraying. 

You should be protected from weed flare-ups after sealing your concrete seams with polymeric sand. Contact our team at San Diego Concrete if you want to put an end to weeds in your concrete for good. We can give you the look of concrete pavers without the weed- and bug-attracting joints.

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