How To Maintain Your Concrete Driveway In San Diego

How To Maintain Your Concrete Driveway In San DiegoConcrete driveways are a great way to spruce up the look of your home. It is also a sturdy, long-lasting surface that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and still be in good condition years later. How do you keep it looking beautiful? Read on for concrete driveway maintenance tips!

Cleaning Your Driveway

It’s important to keep your concrete driveways clean, so they can look their best year-round. The following are some cleaning tips:

  •  Regularly sweep the surface of your driveway to remove dirt and debris.
  •  If you need a deep clean, pressure wash it at least once per year.
  •  Be sure not to use any soap or detergent when cleaning concrete driveways – just warm water! This will help extend the life of your sealant for many years longer than if you used soap or detergent.

Fixing Cracks

Cracks will occur over time on your concrete driveway and need to be fixed as quickly as possible before they get worse. How can you fix them? Read the following for tips:

  1. Pour very small amounts of clear sealant into any new cracks, then rub it in with a brush or your finger. This will help to seal in the crack and prevent water from getting inside it, which could cause more damage.
  2. If you notice a very large crack that needs immediate attention, mix some concrete patching compound with cold water until it’s about as thick as cake frosting (you can also use premixed material available at your local home improvement store), then pour it into the crack. Allow it to dry completely, and add a layer of sealant for best results!

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals can damage the surface of your concrete driveway, and while they might make it look nicer at first, you will eventually have to replace the whole thing if chemicals are used. How can you avoid chemicals?

  • If the surface of your concrete driveway is non-porous, like most common varieties, use a sealant to help it last longer. Read How To Maintain Your Concrete Driveway for tips on using sealants properly!

Steer Clear Of Damage

It’s always important to avoid doing anything that would damage your driveway. How can you steer clear of any potential damages? Read the following tips for concrete driveway maintenance:

  • Avoid parking on the surface of your driveways – this will help prevent cracks and other types of severe damage!


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