Why You Should Maintain Your Curb And Gutter In San Diego

Why You Should Maintain Your Curb And Gutter In San DiegoOne of the most overlooked aspects of property maintenance is the curb and gutter. The first sign that your curb needs some attention is when water starts to pool at one side of it and has a crack in it. This can lead to erosion, basement flooding, and many other problems if left untreated for too long.

Maintaining your curbs may seem like a small task, but they are important for drainage purposes. To learn more about how you can maintain your curbs properly, check out this blog post!

Curb Maintenance 

Did you know that properly maintained curbs will extend the life of your driveway? Curb maintenance is super easy to do yourself, but if done wrong, it could mean big problems for your driveway or foundation. If left alone for too long, water damage from pooling at these areas can lead to expensive repair costs with a new sidewalk installation.

What You Should Know About Your Gutters 

Gutter cleaning should be an annual task in order to prevent unnecessary damage such as flooded basements and roof leaks. Cleaning your gutters is a breeze with the right equipment, but if you are not experienced, it can be very dangerous. For this reason, we recommend hiring professionals or doing it yourself only if you feel confident that you will do an adequate job.

When To Clean Your Gutters 

There are two ways to determine when to clean your gutter system; either wait for them to clog up completely, which could lead to water damage inside of your home, or schedule regular maintenance every spring before winter hits.

This way, during heavy rains, there isn’t any risk of overflowing onto your foundation and causing problems within the structure of your home. It also prevents debris from laying on top of the snowpack all winter long, creating even more work in the springtime!

Curb And Gutter Concrete Maintenance 

Regular curb and gutter maintenance is the best way to prevent any costly repairs in the future. One of our main goals at San Diego Concrete is to keep property owners informed on how they can take care of their homes! 


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