Signs You Need Concrete Repair For Your San Diego Driveway In San Diego

Signs You Need Concrete Repair For Your San Diego Driveway In San DiegoConcrete driveways are generally guaranteed to last forever, or at least as long as you maintain them properly. Cracked and damaged paving can be a safety hazard, especially if your concrete is so broken that it cannot support vehicular traffic. The good news is you don’t have to live with unsightly and potentially dangerous cracks in your San Diego driveway.


The aging of pavements and driveway chipping of the surface layer called screeding is the most common sign indicating a need for repair in concrete pavements and driveways. When this happens, small chips will flake off when people walk on the driveway or hit objects against it. You may also see fine hairline cracks in your pavement. Over time they will become larger.

The driveway can also begin to sink or settle if it is not properly supported underneath. This is more common in older driveways and pavements that were constructed before the days of reinforced concrete slabs, which are normally used today. 

Older structures may have only had a single flat slab poured over an uneven base layer made up of compacted dirt or gravel, which was laid down on a bed of sand or rocks. When the load from vehicles driving over these old surfaces increased, cracks would start to appear under the surface, and the pavement could actually bulge upwards as well as crack badly.

Concrete Seem Uneven

There may be other non-structural issues that can affect the look of your concrete. For example, a build-up of grease or salt on your pavement can make it dangerously slippery and cause it to break down quicker.

If you notice that your pavement seems to be uneven, you may want to have it checked for heaving. Heaving is a common problem with concrete driveways and occurs when groundwater accumulates beneath the surface, forcing the slab upward.

 The problems begin as small cracks. Once a crack opens up, it can’t heal itself because of a lack of support from the surrounding area. So over time, the crack will continue to widen until it finally breaks through the surface and causes major structural damage.


Concrete is one of the hardest, strongest, and longest-lasting materials available. However, it will eventually begin to crack, which makes concrete paving an ideal candidate for restoration projects rather than replacement. 

When you need any type of repair in your San Diego driveway or parking area because the surface has been chipped away or torn apart by roots and soil movement beneath the pavement, you should not wait until a major disaster takes place. The sooner you address a problem with your concrete driveway or path, the better, as smaller cracks can be fixed more easily before they get wider. Repairing them is also less expensive!


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