Pavers Or Stamped Concrete For Patios: Which One Should You Choose In San Diego? 

Pavers Or Stamped Concrete For Patios In San DiegoDo you want a more beautiful and distinctive patio for your home but do not have the money to spend on expensive pavers? If so, stamped concrete may be a viable option. This is a relatively new type of patio material that has been used in many commercial construction projects.

Stamped concrete can cost around $3 to $7 per square foot installed – an average of 50% less than natural stone outdoor patios. It can mimic any kind of texture from rock to flagstone-and more! Here are some pros and cons of this attractive choice for your home’s exterior.

Pros Of Stamped Concrete

Affordable. Stamped concrete costs around 50% less than natural stone outdoor patios, which can be big savings for many homeowners.

Any pattern or color imaginable. You have probably seen the pink and white striped sidewalks in upscale neighborhoods – stamped concrete can be customized to any design you can imagine! It is not limited to pavers or brick, which come in specific designs and patterns.

No maintenance required. There is no need to re-seal stamped concrete as there is with some other types of patio surfaces such as flagstone, slate, tile, marble, granite, and more. This means it will stay looking like new without any extra effort on your part after it has first been installed and textured by the professionals.

Cons Of Stamped Concrete

Cannot be repaired if damaged. This is a significant drawback of stamped concrete because while it can last for decades, there is no way to repair any chips or cracks that might eventually form on the surface over time. With pavers and some other types of patio materials, however, repairs can often be made successfully by a mason without having to actually replace large sections of the original patio surface.

Not easy to move around on when wet. Stamped concrete can become very slippery when wet, which might not be good for older people or anyone else who may have balance issues or difficulty getting around on slick surfaces. If you are planning to install this type of patio, you may want to raise it a couple of inches above ground level, so the wet surface is not as hard to avoid.

Cannot be used with fire pits or campfires. If you have been thinking about doing some entertaining outdoors with friends and family during the evening hours, this may be a deal-breaker for stamped concrete. The heat from open flames can quickly damage the surface of any type of patio material, but most especially those that are more textured, such as stamped concrete. Pavers tend to handle heat better than other types of outdoor patio materials since they cannot burn or melt from exposure to fire – making them a safer choice if you plan on hosting fireside events frequently.


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