How To Waterproof Concrete And Why It Is Important In San Diego

How To Waterproof Concrete And Why It Is Important In San DiegoConcrete is porous by nature. Porosity exists in even the highest-quality concrete on the planet. As you can see from this feature, water is one of concrete’s worst enemies. If you want your garage, patio, driveway, and house floor to last for several years, you’ll need good concrete waterproofing. What is the reason for this? Since waterproofing is the most reliable form of damage prevention.

Mildew, rust, and mold are all attracted to wet surfaces. However, good concrete waterproofing reduces the risk of them appearing on your concrete.

Concrete waterproofing with concrete sealers is the most popular and efficient method of shielding the concrete from the elements. Concrete sealers are divided into two categories. These are the following:

  • Penetrating sealers
  • Film-forming sealers

Since they penetrate concrete and bind with its chemical composition to create a barrier that seals out moisture, penetrating sealers are also known as impregnating sealers. It’s a little pricey, but the impact on concrete lasts a long time. It can seem like a lifetime before you return to the dealer. 

Furthermore, after applying a penetrating sealer, the color of your concrete is unaffected. For a concrete basement, this is a fantastic choice. Film-forming sealers, on the other hand, provide a shiny finish to your concrete. However, since it wears out quickly, you must apply it regularly.

If you use a penetrating or film-forming sealer, make sure the concrete is clean and dry before applying it. Concrete sealers should never be used on immature concrete. I use the term “immature” to describe new concrete that is still curing. Allow some time for it to cure fully before applying concrete waterproofing. At the very least, a month should suffice.

Why Is Concrete Waterproofing Important?

Concrete reacts to chemicals and water. When it absorbs and retains moisture for an extended period, corrosion causes discoloration. Moisture encourages the growth of mold and mildew, both of which are detrimental to concrete. Chemical compounds like salts and some acids react with the aggregate, cement, and metal reinforcement in concrete, causing it to deteriorate.

As a result, concrete waterproofing is needed if your concrete surface is to last a long time.

Consider resealing the concrete surface regularly, depending on the type of sealer used and traffic volume. Remember that film-forming concrete sealers wear out more quickly. 

Can I Do Concrete Waterproofing By Myself?

It takes time and practice to master concrete waterproofing. It is an exercise that you must learn from a concrete waterproofing specialist and repeat to achieve desired results. As a result, you should get your concrete waterproofing job done by a professional who is familiar with concrete waterproofing. If you need assistance, San Diego Concrete is up to the challenge. Please contact us if you want concrete waterproofing services.