How To Determine If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Concrete Driveway This Winter In San Diego

Repair Or Replace Concrete Driveways In San DiegoIt’s that time of year again, and many homeowners are wondering what they should do with their concrete driveway. Should you repair it or replace it? The answer is not so simple! There are a number of factors to consider before deciding whether to repair your existing driveway or go the expensive route of replacing it. Let’s take a look at some reasons why repairing might be the way to go this winter.

First of all, the cost of repairing is much lower than replacing. This can be a huge advantage for homeowners who are on a budget but still want to make sure their driveway looks great this winter! Concrete repair costs range anywhere from $13-$20 per square foot, whereas total replacement will cost closer to about $60/square foot. The price difference is significant and likely worth it if you own your home or plan to stay in your current residence long-term. If not, then it might actually save you money (and time) by simply ignoring repairs altogether and looking into driveways for rent instead.

Another factor that may play an important role in deciding whether to replace or fix concrete concerns the material used when the original driveway was installed.

Layers On Concrete

A concrete driveway consists of a top layer containing stones and aggregate, with no load-bearing capacity whatsoever. It is laid on top of the existing foundation material (often gravel or dirt). On certain types of foundations, this can be a problem if it rains heavily enough to cause flooding in your basement! In most cases, though, you will have no problems at all if water pools around your driveway for a few hours before running off into the ground again.

Replacing an entire concrete driveway due to minor issues like these might not always make economic sense unless they are causing you significant grief (like flooded basements!). The repair cost may end up being approximately equal to replacement when everything’s said and done, especially when you factor in how long the new driveway will last you.

These are just a few of the things to consider when deciding whether or not to repair or replace your home’s concrete driveways this winter. Whether you choose one path over another, remember that it is always wise to have any repairs done by professionals who know what they’re doing! They can do everything from repairing cracks in sidewalks and foundations with epoxy injection all the way up to full replacement projects for homes where nothing less than brand-new concrete on perfectly level slabs will do. 


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