Resurface Or Repair Your Existing Concrete With A Concrete Overlay In San Diego

Resurface Or Repair Existing Concrete With An Overlay In San DiegoConcrete overlays are a great way to resurface or repair your existing concrete. They can be applied on top of any surface and will provide a new layer that is durable and attractive. This blog post discusses the benefits of using an overlay instead of other more expensive options, as well as how you can get started with this quick and easy DIY project!

There are many different ways you can use overlays to help update your home’s appearance without having to spend thousands of dollars! This is probably one of the biggest reasons why homeowners choose concrete overlays – it provides them with an inexpensive option that can completely transform their home’s exterior. Concrete overlays are long-lasting and will help protect your existing concrete from cracks or other severe damages.

Overlays are also a great choice for those looking to make repairs or updates on their existing concrete. If you have decided that resurfacing your home is the best option but don’t want to replace all of your old paving stones completely, an overlay may be perfect for you! Overlays can help cover up any minor damage without having to spend thousands on new materials.

Types Of Overlays

There are many different types of overlays available, depending on what type of look or durability you would like it to provide. You could choose from stamped overlays which will give it more texture and color variation, precast which provides precise designs with less work involved by yourself, polished stone-like finishes if looks are important in addition to strength/durability, and more!

Concrete overlays can be applied in just one day, which means they won’t take up any of your precious time! Repairing existing concrete by removing all the cracks and then having a new layer poured on top can take days or even weeks, depending on what method is used. With an overlay, there’s no need for this labor-intensive process since it goes right over the current surface with little preparation required from you – saving both time and money!

With a concrete overlay, you can expect many benefits. You will get the design or color variation that you want while also being able to add an extra layer of protection for your existing paving stones. 


Concrete overlays are quick and easy projects which should only take about a day from start to finish – making them perfect if you have other jobs that need to be done around the house too! If this sounds like something that would be beneficial in improving your home’s exterior, then contact us today at San Diego Concrete! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!