Symptoms That Your Home Foundation Is In Grave Distress In San Diego

Symptoms That Your Home Foundation Is In Grave Distress In San DiegoWhen erected, a structure makes use of materials that can provide strong support to the weight placed on it. The most common types of foundations are dug into the ground or built upon piles of crushed stone. On top of this groundwork is laid down well-fitted beams for support and also to prevent water from seeping through cracks in the soil beneath. These buildings are expected to last for years, but only if they have proper foundations laying them down.

Symptoms can be seen when your house’s foundation does not conform to these specifications; otherwise, you will begin noticing some symptoms before other issues might occur with your home’s foundation.  

1) Cracks In The Basement Walls:

One of the first symptoms to look for is cracks in the basement walls. These are normally long and horizontal lines that will spread across the wall or even branch out into smaller cracks that can be vertical or diagonal.

2) Cracks Near Doorways:

If there are cracks on your floors, you should check if any doorways have started to form these same types of cracks close to their frame. If you see this, it means that the house has severe settling problems, especially where it needs more weight to keep your home sturdy.

3) Bowing Walls:

Another symptom to watch out for are bowing walls which happen when pressure builds up within a foundation’s structure, forcing one side of an external surface inwardly while another side is pushed outwardly. This is a severe type of defect which can lead to walls collapsing.  

4) Cracks In The Interior Walls:

This defect happens when the soil settles underneath or behind an exterior wall causing it to bulge inwardly. It is commonly referred to as “heaving” since the uppermost portion of this bulging structure will be raised higher than its surroundings; however, there are also instances where the middle region might rise instead of the top part. You should look out for cracks like these in your home’s interior floors and walls if you suspect that settling has occurred within your house’s foundation area.    

5) Sloping Floors: 

If your floors start sloping towards one side, then you have a foundation problem. This happens since the soil is sloping, causing the beams to lean towards one side, which, in turn, creates more stress on your house’s foundation.

6) Cracks In The Driveway:

You should watch out for cracks in your driveways and concrete sidewalks since this can be a sign of root problems within your home’s foundation. These roots often grow out from trees planted too close to an exterior wall, and they force their way into any small crack that they happen to find.    


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