Three Ways To Make Your Concrete Floors Look Like Marble In San Diego

Three Ways To Make Your Concrete Floors Look Like Marble In San DiegoMarble flooring has an unmistakable beauty and elegance. Its timeless beauty and distinctive design have made it one of the most popular flooring options among discerning homes and business owners. But before you get carried away by the gleam of polished marble, consider the benefits and drawbacks of marble flooring, as well as the fact that concrete floors can be made to seem like marble for a fraction of the price!

Acid-based concrete stains imitate the exquisite appearance of marble by chemically interacting with the concrete to produce translucent color and marbling features. Multiple stain colors can be used to create the veining effect, which is a trademark of marble. A concrete overlay will hide fractures, fill up uneven places, and cover discoloration on an existing damaged floor, presenting a fresh surface for consistent staining across the room. Spills, chips, and cracks are unaffected by the sealed, seamless surface, which creates brilliant, long-lasting color and shine. 

Without any additional products, waxes, or topical coatings, polished concrete floors can mimic the look of high-end polished marble flooring. Choose your desired degree of shine and smoothness, including honed marble with less shine, to achieve the exact look you desire. Polished concrete is a more slip-resistant surface than other floor finishes because it is tougher and stronger. Colors of concrete stain can be used with polishing to generate desired color effects for a true marble appearance. 

Decorative concrete flooring, in contrast to the difficulties of real marble flooring, is a major candidate for saving the day and your budget. Our imitation marble finishes are a fraction of the price of real marble, with the added benefits of quick installation, low long-term upkeep, and the long-term durability of a floor that won’t need to be repaired or replaced for decades. There are no overruns or excesses because the product is mixed on-site to order. 

  • Without the use of specialized cleaners, all you need is a dry dust mop and the occasional wet mopping with a neutral-pH cleaner to keep your floors gleaming and clean. 
  • The sealed surface repels dust and grime build-up, moisture, bacteria, and mold growth and wipes clean of any spills without leaving a trace. 
  • Because non-porous surfaces do not crack, chip, stain, or peel, you won’t have to spend on long-term upkeep. 
  • Nothing, including food and drink, oils, and sticky substances, goes through the sealed surface to stain or harm the concrete floor. 

It’s completely safe to have decorative concrete “marble” in places where moisture is a concern, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. 

To maintain the sheen, heavily frequented areas may need to be resealed after a few years. 

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