Concrete Driveways In San Diego

Concrete Driveways In San DiegoThe first impression people have of your home as they drive up to it is usually the condition and appearance of the concrete driveway. If you are looking for a way to increase the curb appeal and value of your home, then an upgrade to your existing concrete driveway may be just what you need.

Concrete driveways offer an attractive modern look that can bring increased value to your property if done well. Depending on how savvy you are with power tools, there are several options for upgrading an existing concrete driveway depending on its overall shape, design, and layout.

Regardless of the design, you plan to enhance it, and it is important that your existing driveway is well maintained and structurally sound before embarking on an upgrade or new installation. This will ensure that you do not cause any additional damage to the surface while applying a new look.

There are many different options available for concrete driveways, depending on how creative you want to be, along with your personal tastes and budget. A simple way to increase the curb appeal of your driveway is by adding custom graphics or stenciled designs that can make a dull slab come alive with color and texture. Changing up the textures in your drives, such as mixing stucco, glass beads, crushed stone, or another material within the concrete itself, can give you a completely different look.

For a more decorative design adding a stamped or stained overlay, which allows you to stamp the surface with patterns of any kind, is another option. Edging can also be used to create shapes and designs along your drive that will catch the eye as people approach. Adding colored concrete around trees, plants and rocks can give them a cement backdrop that will enhance their appearance as well as complement your driveway upgrade. Another popular option is acid staining, where colors are added to concrete either by spraying on color hardeners or by using a water-based stain and pouring it onto the surface of freshly laid concrete which speeds up the chemical reaction process.

These options for upgrading a concrete driveway can be done yourself, or you can hire professionals who can offer advice on how to get the project completed. By installing new concrete adding decorative designs and enhancements, you can make a standard slab look like a completely different driveway.

Concrete Driveway Removal And Repair

If you are considering an upgrade to your concrete driveway, there are several things that can be done in order to make it more presentable. If you have not had the surface seal coated in several years, then this is a good time for repairs and resurfacing of the old surface. The most commonly used method is pouring new concrete over the existing surface; however, if the old slab is damaged or has many cracks, it may be necessary to remove and replace all or part of it in order to get a smooth working surface.


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