When Your Front Steps Sink, Take These 3 Actions In San Diego


When Your Front Steps Sink, Take These 3 Actions In San DiegoDon’t give up if your front stairs are sinking! You can take a few actions to resolve the issue. Removing the current stages and adding new ones is one method. Obviously, this will take some time and work, but in the end, you’ll have a stronger, more solid base. Another choice is to jack up the steps by digging underneath them. This will bring the stairs back up to their original height and stop them from descending any further.

This will give your steps a sturdy base, however you may need to pour a new footer and set the steps down again. You can just leave your steps as-is and construct anything on top if you don’t want to deal with the effort of rebuilding or jacking them up. This will conceal the steps’ sunken appearance and give your house a brand-new appearance. Don’t let your curb appeal be ruined by sagging front steps, no matter what you choose to fix! There are a few things you may do to fix your front steps if they are sinking.


You can demolish them all and rebuild them.

A New Footer

You can pour a new footer, lift it up by digging underneath it, and then set it back down.

A New Structure

You can ignore it and erect a structure above it. Before choosing a course of action, make sure to carefully consider your options because each one has a unique mix of advantages and disadvantages. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to first speak with an expert to prevent any additional harm to your home.


How Can I Repair My Sinking Stairs?

  • Rebuild them all after tearing them down.
  • Pour it, jack it up, and then dig underneath it to create a new footer.
  • Keep it alone and atop it, add something new.

What Is Causing The Sag In My Front Stairs?

Water flowing beneath your concrete slab, steps, walkways, or patio may wash away the soil supporting their weight. Numerous variables, including plumbing leaks, erosion, excessive rain, and others, could be to fault. If nothing is left to hold the concrete in place, it will gradually begin to sink or cave in.

How Can A Front Porch Be Fixed?

Add more earth and make sure the water drains away if it is gathering close to your porch or foundation wall. If we haven’t had much rain lately, you can build a sprinkler system or instal a soaker hose around the porch area and the foundation.

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